Man taking closeup photo of monkey.

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To best enjoy these photos set your screen resolution to 1024x768, maximize the window, and do not display the toolbars or the status bar. That way the entire photo will be visible without scrolling. To turn off the toolbar display in Internet Expolorer--use the view menu-> toolbars and uncheck any that are checked. To turn off viewing of the status bar--use the view menu and uncheck status bar. To set your screen resolution--right click on the desktop, choose properties, then select the settings tab, finally move the screen resolution slider to 1024x768. Each of these processes is reversed in the same way.

Many of these photos were taken with one of Canon 20d, Canon sd700, Sony DSC-F707, or Sony MVC-FD88. Two of the photos in the people section were scanned from 35mm slides.

The travel section only has Costa Rica at this time. I also have some interesting photos from the Galapagos Islands, Amazonia, Belize, and Hawai'i. Some of those photos can be found in the other sections.

New photos are added regularly. Check the end of the index page for new images!