Rito's photo



Mt. Harris, Colorado

12/22/1940 merry christmas letter
06/15/1941 birthday letter to Jo
06/28/1941 induction notification

Camp Wolters, Texas

07/18/1941 torn post card to Jo
08/03/1941 making the best of army,
army orchestra, misaddressed letter
08/14/1941 naturalization application
08/16/1941 hot, Ted Tio Rito orchestra,
busy, Mineral Wells
09/06/1941 parades, Fort Worth,
09/21/1941 dance, Willie Harlow, Texans
09/30/1941 pictures, what's wrong at home?
10/01/1941 busy, parades, rushed
10/11/1941 transfering?, write!
10/24/1941 headed for North Carolina

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

10/29/1941 arrived Fort Bragg
10/31/1941 cold, no assignment, trouble at home?
army life, round about trip
11/07/1941 postcard from pup-tent
11/14/1941 concealed bivouac, water,
walking in the rain, Brooklyn boys,
no xmas furlough
11/19/1941 no mail from Uncle, last stamp letter,
no $ to come home, camera,
details about trouble at home?
11/20/1941 hitch-hiking home plan
11/30/1941 unit name, concern for Uncle, exhaustion,
no furlough, send cookies, Mexico farm
12/12/1941 civilian clothes, advice to sister
12/16/1941 presents
12/18/1941 pulling out?

Hiwassee, North Carolina

12/22/1941 guarding the dam, great cookies!
12/23/1941 same address

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