wedding vows on te beach



Patrick, I love you with all my heart and I look forward to our life together as a married couple.

It's so apropros that we choose Hawai'i, and particularly this very special and spiritual location, to make this important commitment to one another.

With Dean, Glen, and the sea turtles as our witnesses, I promise to try and maintain the aloha spirit every day of our marriage. To me that means being honest about all things, being understanding if we have differences, being supportive of your pursuits, and keeping a sense of humor about it all.

We don't always have control over what the universe sends our way but together we can face anything!

Thank you for being part of my life.

Aloha au ia oe.



Patty, I love you and appreciate you. I will do my best to keep our love fresh and fun. I will keep the aloha spirit in our relationship.

I love your humor and vitality; it is infectious. I will treasure and feed your spirit as best I can. I will be your favorite fan.

I am very fortunate that you have decided to trust me with your love. I will honor your trust by complete faithfulness. I choose you now and forever over all other women.

I love the bonded sense of family that we have. I vow to nurture our family connections throughout our extended families. I invite and welcome you as co-mama for Michael and Patrick Jr.

I want to keep our marriage fresh and alive. I will enthusiastically support your ideas, our adventures, travels to new places, and making new friends as a couple.

I love so many things about you. I like the way you tell stories. I like it when you burst into the lyrics of a song. I love the fake New Jerseyisms. I love the way you laugh. I like the way you wave hello. I like the way you handle people with consideration, respect, and concern. You have added so much to my life. By being who you are you have taught me many things. I promise to always cherish the many thiings about you that make you such a wonderful person.